Can Kindle Save Newspapers?

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While the easy-to-read flat screens now being sold by Amazon are definitely a step in the right direction, technology can only save an industry if the revenue model makes sense.

Consider these drawbacks:

  1. Consumers either have to pony up $489 to buy one of the devices OR sign up for a lengthy subscription to get a discounted device, reports the Los Angeles Times.
  2. Amazon wants 70 percent of the subscription revenue from newspaper sales, reports Endgadget. Worse: Amazon also gets permission to republish content on other devices, such as the iphone.
  3. If consumers must buy multiple subscriptions – ranging from $5.99 to $13.99 a month – to get news from EACH source, which content companies will be left out in the cold? Perhaps local news providers?
  4. Do the math: News producers will get only $1.7 to $4.197 a month if they’re getting only 30 percent of the revenue.

  • Will aggregators emerge, drawing still more profit away from news producers?
  • Why would a consumer pay for these subscriptions if they also have to eventually navigate advertising?
  • As slimmer, more colorful devices come out over the next year, I suspect many consumers will use the devices to read the free articles on the web rather than pay a subscription fee. That’s what I would do. Free almost always wins in an economic downturn.
  • As any Apple follower will tell you, the way to make money off new content-delivery devices is to own the hardware and control the content. It sounds to me that Amazon is following this model, while leaving news producers out in the cold.

    So I nervously laugh when I read that New York Times Publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr.’s shouted “Wonderful!” at the unveiling of the large-screen Kindle DX. As much as I believe that simple readers are the wave of the future, the product might do as much damager to newspaper companies as did Google News and Craigslist.

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    1. Britax Decathlon

      I don’t know if all will have the budget for Kindle but this will surely be a bell ringer for the newspaper companies. But if we will be thinking for the advancement of news, Kindle will be the future.


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