Old Light Bulbs Redesigned

Could good news be coming to the world of light bulbs? As you may know, energy efficient compact fluorescents have a nasty problem: they contain small amounts of the neurotoxin mercury. And while LED lights are more efficient than CFLs, they are generally too expensive. Aesthetically speaking, both types of light bulbs emit odd color tones that seriously complicate taking indoor pictures and make my wife’s skin appear green.

So it came as a surprise to me that manufacturers are working hard to make energy efficient incandescent light bulbs, reports The New York Times. While these new bulbs don’t save quite as much energy as the two competitors, there seems to be room for significant improvement.

Philip’s is already selling Halogena Energy Savers at Home Depot and on Amazon. The bulbs go for about $5 a piece, but it takes time for new products to come down in price. But researchers are working on a variety of improvements that may soon find their way into homes.

Just the thought of an efficient bulb that doesn’t use mercury and puts off decent light brightens my day.

2 thoughts on “Old Light Bulbs Redesigned

  1. Mark S

    That’s good news. I’ve been pretty unsatisfied with CFL’s. I don’t like reading with them. So I’m using them only in places were the quality of light is not a factor.
    Of course, of people would just go outside more when it’s light out, and then go to bed when it gets dark out, I wonder if we can reduce are energy use even more. 😉

  2. brettdl

    Not during the summer in Arizona. The sun is so bright it’s impossible to read outside. Not to mention I sweat when it hits 105 or more.
    I’m like you when it comes to the light bulbs: I go energy efficient when I can. But I stopped with the CFLs after I learned they had mercury. I’m looking for the best alternatives I can find.


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