Outing Gets Off to a Rocky Start

Lake 08.19.09 My mom is big into rocks. My wife is big into making jewelry. In other words, these two women have a common interest: rocks and minerals.

To me, rocks are okay, but I prefer the type you can hike up and over. So when Anne and my mom mentioned a gem show in Prescott, I said sure – I’ll take the kids to nearby Willow Lake.

When we arrived, it was so hot, I worried that I made a mistake taking the kids to this lake. We compounded the problem by hiking toward the rocky side of the lake, which while gorgeous, was warmer and far too rough for my daughter’s disintegrating flip flops. (I thought she had sandals on.)

But after a short walk in the other direction, we found a small grove at the water’s edge that made the heat tolerable.

As the kids played in the murky water, dark clouds gathered over the lake in a matter of minutes. Sudden rain cooled everything off by 10-15 degrees. What luck!

Dragon fly 08.19.09

Berries 08.19.09

Reflection 08.19.09

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