Other Aluminum-Lined Water
Bottles Contain BPA, Claims Sigg

When I recently learned that BPA was used in the manufacture of Sigg water bottles, I was pissed. After all, I thought I was buying a metal water bottle, not one lined with plastic.

While I’m still not happy with Sigg for its misleading ways, it should be pointed out that tests on Sigg bottles show no detectable levels of BPA, according to this interesting article by Treehugger. While it’s reassuring to know my kids have NOT been exposed to even more BPA, it turns out folks who bought other aluminum bottles are not so lucky, at least according to this chart published by Sigg:

Sigg part 1 09.12.09 Sigg part 2 09.12.09

Recently a friend asked me what is the safest way to port water. My answer: I don’t know; I try to vary my sources as much as possible. This way, my kids don’t get too many toxins from any one source. Unfortunately, it’s not practical to walk around with a mason jar – at least I think glass is safe – or a coconut shell.

4 thoughts on “Other Aluminum-Lined Water
Bottles Contain BPA, Claims Sigg

  1. Grace

    This is one reason I purchased Thermos water bottles for my kids this school year. A second reason for going the Thermos route is because the products are double-lined so there’s no condensation accumulation on the outside and the drinks stay cold ALL day.

  2. brettdl

    Yeah, we mainly switched to Thermos last year for the school bottles because they keep the water cooler longer. We had stopped using the Sigg during the summer heat, but we had planned to start using them again soon.


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