What the &%^#@!!
Was Sigg Thinking?

I hate plastic. I really, really hate plastic. Before having kids, most of my plastic use involved garbage bags, water bottles and lunch containers. Despite my better sense, though, I’ve managed to consume several lifetime supplies of petroleum-based products.

Sigg bottles 09.08.09 I published this sentence in March of 2008 to explain why I was buying “Obscenely Expensive (Sigg) Water Bottles.” Like many Americans, I was sick to learn that plastic water bottles were leaching highly suspect, estrogen-like chemicals into our kids’ little bodies.

I chose the bottles for several reasons:

  1. They were at our local Whole Foods (when we lived in Chicago.)
  2. Our plastic bottles were deteriorating anyway.
  3. I carefully read through Sigg’s website, which claimed NO chemicals were leached into drinking water.

Nowhere on Sigg’s site did it mention that BPA, the chemical I was trying to avoid, was actually used as the LINER of their water bottles, as reported by The Associated Press. While the company claimed they never lied, we all know what a lie by omission is. My 7-year-old son understands these kind of lies are wrong.

Sigg linercomparison 09.08.09

When I originally read the Sigg site in 2008, I thought the potential danger was with aluminum leaching into the water:

Do I think these bottles are 100 percent safe? Hah! Even the Sigg customer guide warns against leaving water in them for too long. Maybe they’re worried about the aluminum leaching in to the water? Or bacteria? But the Swiss Company’s website claims (boasts, actually) 0 chemicals migrate into water or even juice. So I guess they’re safe enough.

So imagine my reaction when I read what Sigg CEO Steve Wasik had to say in an apology on his website (via Salon):

“I am sorry that we did not make our communications on the original SIGG liner more clear from the very beginning. I have learned much over the past 2 weeks. I learned that many of you purchased SIGG bottles – not just because they were free from leaching and safe – but because you believed that SIGGs contained no BPA. I learned that, although SIGG never marketed the former liner as ‘BPA Free’ we should have done a better job of both clearly communicating about our liner as well as policing others who may have misunderstood the SIGG message.

Bullshit, Mr. Wasik. Your website was more than amply clear that your water bottles would ease the fears of all parents.

And don’t tell me you are just learning about parents’ concerns just now. There were dozens if not hundreds of stories explaining why customers were flocking to Sigg and stainless steel water bottles. Your company knew perfectly well why we were buying those water bottles.

To make amends, Sigg is offering replacement water bottles, but I have to pay POSTAGE. Only, I don’t want a replacement bottle, I want my money back.

Why? Because I DO NOT TRUST your replacement bottle, which contains something called a “BPA-free EcoCare liner.” Sure, it may be BPA free, but it contains something called a “special powder-based co-polyester liner.” Sounds like more freaking plastic to me. If I wanted to drink from a polyester bottle, I would have bought one!

So screw your exchange program and send me $34 for the two bottles I own. And while your at it, how about $10,000 in damages for giving me a FALSE SENSE of peace of mind.

In the meantime, I’ll use the stainless steel bottles from here on out. Unless of course, those companies are hiding some dark, ugly secret as well.

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