Beach Camping With the Family

Happy beach 10.27.09

Well, I’m still married. That’s what I tell friends when they ask how went our big camping trip at San Clemente State Beach. You see, it’s the first time my wife ever slept outdoors in a tent with me (and the kids.)

Of course, I worked hard to make sure everything was in my favor:

  • Running toilets
  • Reasonably warm showers
  • Big, new tent
  • Cozy king-sized sleeping bag
  • Ocean view
  • Nearby city
  • Lots and lots of good camp food
  • Chocolate for all
  • Lots and lots of marshmallows
  • Lots to do

Perhaps my biggest failing? I forgot the wine. But, that’s why we had the city nearby. Trader Joe’s was about 3 miles away. Wine problem solved.

Actually, the biggest threat was two and a half days of nighttime rain. My wife was ready to bag it at one point, but I said, “It will clear up.”

Fortunately, it did and we ended the trip with two gorgeous days.

There are too many photos to show at once, so I’m going to spread them out over a couple days.

Hope you like.

5 thoughts on “Beach Camping With the Family

  1. Anne (Brett's wife)

    He may’ve forgotten the wine, but I didn’t forget the whine. There was plenty of that.
    I survived.
    Next year, we bring a futon, a portable stove, a personal chef and a nanny. That should about cover it.


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