Typepad, Our Longtime Host,
Launches Free Blogging Tools

While I’ve used Typepad since I began this blog in Spring of 2004, I never much talk about it. I suppose that’s because it’s worked so well for us.

In fact, my wife and I run several blogs through our Typepad account. The biggest is now Cybils, which honors the best children’s books of the year. The next largest site is DadTalk.

A blog I never mentioned, but has been up for a few weeks, runs embedded in TheJournalismShop. This blog is about freelance work that my former colleagues have obtained in the last few months. A colleague of mine does most of the posting on this site.

The smallest site is QuartzTrail, which my wife uses to sell the jewelry she makes. Go buy something!

My wife and I also have several dormant sites: WriteThru, BookBuds, InlandEmpress and Docimacy. It remains to be seen if we’ll bring any of those back.

I bring this all up because Typepad invited me to preview their new micro-blogging tools, which are free to bloggers who don’t need the full suite of blogging tools. There are a few ways to use these microblogs:

  • Twitter, Facebook blasting – You might, for example, create a microblog to automatically post to Facebook and Twitter, rather than using cut and paste. LinkedIn is expected down the road.
  • Some people don’t want a full blog and think Twitter posts are too short.
  • Set up a social blogging site – this is where anyone who becomes a member can create posts.
  • Marketing – You can use the social blogging tools to spread the word out about your blog.
  • Commenting tools – helps the blogger see all the comments from one person

If you’re interested, here’s the Typepad post on how to create your own microblog.

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