Kids Turn the Table on Dad

Flipped table 12.14.09
I always feel guilty when I don’t keep my kids busy with art projects. As a child, I didn’t really bond with art.

I don’t know the reason. Was it a personality flaw? Was it the teacher who told me I sucked at it?

So I resist doing art projects with the kids for the simple reason I’m not good at it. Worse, my son is already better than me; how can I help him? I’m sure Lael – 4 or not – will be better than me soon, too.

While working on a weekend project recently, I decided to keep the kids busy with a relatively non-messy art project that required little daddy intervention.

About 10-15 minutes after returning to my computer upstairs, I heard a horrific crash, punctuated by the sound of smashing glass. Harmonic screaming reached my ears before I could reach the stairs. My sleeping wife burst out of her room inquiring about the end of the world.

As you can guess from the photo, my kids climbed up onto the table and tipped the whole thing, flinging beads, pipe cleaners, paper, crayons and other art supplies to the ground. Before I even saw the disaster, I was planning the trip to the hospital.

After I calmed the kids down enough to determine they were essentially unharmed – each had a small scratch from the broken glass – I put them into their respective rooms. I told them they were not to come out until I was done cleaning up.

When you consider there was glass spread across three rooms – and that I took my damned, sweet time – about two hours past before I allowed them downstairs. Actually, I not only cleaned up the mess, I cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floors and made their lunches.

The punishment? No TV for a week.

4 thoughts on “Kids Turn the Table on Dad

  1. brettdl

    How’s this? After growing up while President Bush conducted an unjustified, pre-emptive war, my children no longer feel it necessary to respect authority or observe common sense.


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