Crud, She Washed the Camera

Lael is always thinking. Thinking of ways to cause trouble. Oh, I don’t think she means too, but, well, she’s creative.

Today as I walked into the bathroom, I noticed her pink camera sitting in the sink.

At first I thought it was dry, just sitting there, but water poured out as I picked it up.

“Lael! Your camera is in the sink.”

“I was cleaning it.”

“You can’t clean electronics!”

“But it was dirty.”

“It doesn’t matter if it was dirty, water ruins electronics!”

If I’m sure of one thing, it is this. Lael did NOT get the message. She’s the master of not listening to what she doesn’t want to hear. She barely skipped a beat while playing with Seth.

I opened up the camera to let the inside dry, but I don’t have much hope. Thank goodness the thing is a toy and not the real thing. I’m not sure how I’d react if she had washed my Canon EOS 10D.

4 thoughts on “Crud, She Washed the Camera

  1. AJ

    Ahh, it reminds me of when my 4-year-old daughter released a clamp on my tripod to see what it would do. For the record, it irreparably damages a $400 external flash unit.


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