‘Is That Rudy G?’

The restaurant was one of those non-descript salad bars. Nothing special, but a popular place near downtown Phoenix for a quick work lunch.

I was there to meet a friend and client. He wanted me to meet his “radio guy.” After the radio guy left, my friend paused, clearly distracted.

“Is that Rudy Giuliani?”

I copped a quick look around me. There, in a perfect suit and pink tie, looking tan and healthy, was the former New York Mayor and presidential candidate. The TV captures his appearance perfectly.

Knowing my friend, I was not surprised at what happened next. As we left the restaurant, he stopped to shake the guy’s hand, all the while saying that Rudy should be the next president. My friend squeezed a 5-minute speech into those 12 seconds of interaction.

Because I was directly behind my friend, I shook Rudy’s hand too. “Nice to meet you,” I said. He gave me a look – in a nice way – that said, “thanks for letting me get back to my lunch.”

Turns out Rudy was in Phoenix for a Get Motivated Seminar that included Colin Powell and Laura Bush. I know it’s stupid, but I still got a thrill out of the whole thing.

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