Beware cellguaro

Cellguaro 03.15.10
While driving to Pinnacle Peak for some hiking during the kids’ spring break last week, I started following a truck carrying a suspicious-looking saguaro. I tried, but couldn’t get a good picture – while driving – using my new Blackberry Tour camera (see crappy image after jump.)

Unfortunately, the truck went the opposite direction, so I figured I wasn’t going to get a good shot. Fortunately, I found another crew installing what I’m now calling cellguaro: a microwave cell phone tower disguised as a saguaro.

When I lived in California, I noticed many a fake palm tree, which clearly hid cell phone towers, but a fake saguaro is truly an odd site (though way better than ugly metal towers.) The crew asked me to spread the word so that more would be installed around town.

As you can see by my last picture, cellguaros may last longer than the real thing. (Recent rains caused many saguaros around Scottsdale to topple over.) By the way, we had a fun time on the hike.

Callguaro2 03.15.10
Fell over 03.25.10

17 thoughts on “Beware cellguaro

  1. Ms. Yingling

    Hey, I’m trying to put together a list of bloggers who concentrate on books for middle school boys. I know that you are invovled in the Cybils awards–do you know of any blogs that might fit this description. Please comment on my blog if you do. Thanks!

  2. MarkS

    That is so much better than the ones I’ve seen around here. This one on the Merritt Parkway isn’t fooling anybody. I refer to it as “the toilet bowl brush cell tower”

  3. AJ

    The toilet brush is designed for a forested setting. We have them in our redwood forests in California. Redwoods typically have branches only up higher, so you don’t think much of the limbless base if you drive by it. The upper fake limbs simply blend into the surrounding trees.

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