A Quick Tour of Yonkers

As I mentioned in my last post, Consumer's Union flew me out to Yonkers, New York, on Monday to discuss safety issues for children. It was great getting a chance to talk to people who advocate on the behalf of children.

These folk really know their stuff. They are deeply immersed in the science and politics of keeping lead out of kids toys and chemicals out of their food.

I'll get more into what I learn after our meetings today. This morning, however, I did something unrelated: I went for a run.

That in-of-itself was something of an adventure, considering I didn't have a good map and the hotel guy had a thick, difficult-to-understand, Russian accent.

In the end, I had a fun run down 13 percent grades to the Hudson River. Then as I came back up, I noticed there is a trail that runs along and above the river. I saw plenty of raspberry bushes along the trail, but they fruit was not yet ripe. Drat.

Close to the trail entrance is an abandoned brick or stone mansion that must be at least 6,000 square feet. Part of me wanted to explore the old place, but I didn't feel like it was a wise idea considering the transients in the area.

The climb back up the hill was challenging, but not too bad. What a nice way to start the morning.

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