The Math Whiz

In late October, my son Seth was invited to join a math club that specialized in word problems. (You know: If car X goes 80 miles, and Car Y goes 60 miles in the opposite direction in 12 minutes, how fast was Car X going? Bonus points: Why can’t dad afford a Z4 yet?)

I was a bit surprised by the whole thing because until that time, I had know idea there were national math clubs for second graders. According to the letter I received, Seth would attend once a week after lunch. (Drat, I lost the name of the national organization.)

Over the months, Seth rarely said much about the whole thing. Once or twice he said something about not doing well. I lamely said something like “try harder,” but I generally applied ZERO pressure on him. I just wanted my boy, who freaks when he loses at ANYTHING, to have fun with it.

A few days ago, though, some news finally came out. Here’s my wife’s Facebook post explaining what happened:

Son: Mom, I need to go to school early Tuesday to the principal’s office.
Mom: ????
Son: Oh, y’know that math contest? I won. I’m the school math champion.
Mom: !!!!!

Actually, I lied a bit. On the day before Seth’s normal math club, he mentioned that he and two other students were called out of class to take a new test. Turns out that test was a tie breaker!

To celebrate, Seth wanted to go to a yogurt place. The 6 billion calories Lael ate actually filled her up (very rare.) But Seth was hungry for dinner as soon as we got home. Who knew that math could burn so many calories?

So next week, while I’m out of town of all things, Seth gets to read the class announcements to the ENTIRE elementary school. That means he’s on TV!

(I promise not to brag too often, but since Seth doesn’t have a dresser full of sports trophies, I can’t resist bragging about his expectant collection of golden Slide Rules.)

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