Book Review
‘Farm’ Takes Children
on a Learning Journey

Farm_cover One of the problems with living in Arizona is the lack of family farms to visit. That’s why our farmer’s markets here have so few vendors.

Ironically, Arizona is a huge farm state. It’s just that all the farms are of the gigantic corporate variety.

Arizona does have a few farms that are kid friendly, if you’re willing to dish out a bit of cash, but going to visit your uncle’s family farm is not really part of the Southwestern experience.

Farm by Elisha Cooper does a good job of illustrating farm life today. No, not of the Arizona variety, but more like the giant Midwest farms I used to drive by when I was in college.

The farms differ from the Arizona variety because the Midwest blended the family model with the industrial: big combines next to chickens, miles of corn next to small vegetable plots.

So while the images painted by Cooper are not of our idealized version of the small family farm, Farm does paint a clear picture of what life is like for many American farmers these days.

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‘Farm’ Takes Children
on a Learning Journey

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