2 Million Cribs

When my wife was pregnant with Seth, we did what a lot of families do: we went to Babies R Us and picked out our favorite crib. We wanted a drop-side convertible so that it would grow with our child.

A relative bought us the crib, but it never made it to toddler bed. We wound up getting Seth a slide bed and Lael a metal-framed white bed. In fact, all that we have left of the crib is the headboard, which is gathering dust in the garage.

Considering all the recalls of drop-side crips – more 2 million were affected by today’s announcement – I suppose it’s for the best. The recall brings the total number of cribs that need to be fixed up to 9 million, reports WebMD.

“They outsource the manufacture of these cribs and are using very inferior hardware to make the side go up and down,” says Consumer Reports safety expert Don Mays. Another problem is poor quality instructions, which leads to upside down assemblies.

Here is the list of cribs recalled today:

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