First Blood of the Morning

We left for school early so Lael could get some quality playground time. As we’re walking, we spot a friend of Lael’s up ahead. The kids decide to run after her.

In less than a minute, Seth trips on the hard concrete sidewalk and immediately starts crying. Even before I take a closer look, I can see a gouge just below the kneecap – that’s going to leave a scar – but his face and hands seem okay.

I put Seth’s backpack on one shoulder and my 8-year-old on the other before trudging uphill back to the house. Lael breaks into a trot every now and then to keep up.

At home, we clean and treat the wound, before piling into the minivan. I walk Seth over to his “cove” and start walking Lael over to her classroom area.

That’s when I look down and notice my leg. It is covered in Seth’s rusty-brown blood. Whoops. Fortunately, no one notices, though Lael excitedly tells her friend – the one we were chasing – all about what happened. The story apparently makes up for the lost playground time.

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