Why Gun Laws Will Not Change

There is a simple reason gun laws are not about to change in this country: Those who are against it do not have the political, organizational or financial strength to fight it.

Just read the first two paragraphs of this NYT story to understand. Why would any state approve guns in a school setting? Because is there no group or organization strong enough to STOP them. Sure, school admins and teachers might complain, but they've been oddly disenfranchised throughout our society.

Actually, the vast majority of us — on both sides of the political fence — have been disenfranchised for simple reasons. One such reason: In the past, the slide into poverty provided something that we no longer have: free time. During the Depression, unemployed people were out on the streets desperate. During the great Recession, most of us threw ourselves into finding work or looking for means to keep our homes. Most of us didn't join any political movements.

There are other reasons: Facebook is a great forum, but it does not always create political power. In fact, it inadvertently weakens our political power in the United States because we are talking amongst ourselves in a highly disorganized fashion. Social media was effective in Egypt because everyone agreed: Get rid of Mubarak.

In the United States, most of us are dissatisfied with the Dems and the Republicans, leaving us unwilling to throw our undying support for either party. To use Social Media to change things, we need a viewpoint that unifies all these disparate, unfocused complaints into an effective persuading force.

As you may have guessed, the reason gun laws won't get passed applies to all types of issues that won't get resolved: The dismantling of employee rights throughout the nation; a health care system that doesn't work now and won't work under Obama care; and an educational system that pays 80-hour-a-week teachers who are required to get Masters' Degrees only $35,000 a year.

The only way to get real change in this country is for a large group of us to agree on some core issues, raise money, organize like hell and force business and billionaire power brokers out of not just federal, but state government.

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