Cox killed my Internet
(and hung up on me)

So Cox sent me a new Internet/phone modem a few weeks ago. I was nervous about installing it because there are always problems with upgrades, but I finally got around to it on Thursday. The five-minute install process became more than an hour because it failed and I was alerted by a message to call Cox. Hold took about 10-15 minutes. Good thing I have unlimited minutes on my cell.

Cox killed my internet

My Internet speed is usally around 20 Mbps and the second tech I talked to said it should be closer to 50 Mbps. So 3 is pretty abysmal.

Cox operator 1 was  able to get my Internet back up, but no home phone. (I have an Internet home phone for technical reasons.) The tech told me she would open a ticket after an hour of trying to get the phone back.

A couple hours later, I called again to speak to Cox Operator 2 because my Internet kept freezing up. Apparently, that operator was unclear as to whether anything was being done based on my first call, so he arranged for a technician to come on Friday. Another 30-40 minutes wasted.

On Friday, my Internet freezing seemed mostly gone, but still no phone. I had to cut a hike short so I could be at the house when the tech was supposed to come. He never came, nor did he ever call.

On Sunday, I talked to Cox Operator 3, and she said my account would be credited $20 because the tech left me hanging. The next available tech visit couldn't be until Tuesday. I mentioned to the operator that I saw a Cox tech a couple blocks from my house and she offered to get him to my house, but he never showed.

As the day progressed, I started having all kinds of Interet speed problems, so I rebooted the modem. Surprisingly, my phone started working BUT my Internet speeds dropped to an abysmal 3 Mbps. I pay a premium for the second-fastest speed available, which should be approaching 50 Mbps.

I called Cox again and was kept on hold for 5-10 minutes. By the time Cox Operator 4 came on the phone, I was fairly irritated. I've been working on a video project with my son and the slow Internet speeds were killing us. Cox Op 4 kept trying to push the blame on me, even though I wasn't having any problems before I changed the Modem. I was irritated, but I wasn't yelling or anything when the jerk hung up on me.

About 10 minutes later, I called back and talked to Cox Operator 5. She was pleasent at least, and listened to my story. Unfortunately, she had know way to help me. She rebooted my modem after I got off the phone and the speeds got even slower. Now I'm afraid to even ask for any  more help. It's a miracle I managed to post this.

Speaking of which, it's been a long, long time since I posted, so that goes to show just how frustrated I'm with Cox.


UPDATE:  It keeps getting worse. Cox killed my internet 3





Cox killed my internet 4UPDATE: Suddenly started working fine today — though I was told it should be twice this speed. I guess they don't plan on telling me what was going on since I haven't heard from anyone at Cox.

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