Samsung stinks

I now know why I've kept this blog alive even though I rarely post. It's to complain about companies that let me down, and Samsung is looking a lot like the winner as top loser.

Try these failures on for size:

Dad's Samsung S4 phone lasts all of 18 months before suddenly it decides to reboot hourly, claiming incorrectly that the Sim card is not installed. The TMobile people tried several new Sim cards but no dice. In fact, their suggestion was to dump the phone I hadn't finished PAYING for yet and replace it with an S5. Yeah, right, as soon as I win the lottery.

Thinking I could outwit the TMobile guys, I took the phone to a repair shop, which replaced the sim card portion of the board. The problem got worse, so the tech guy reinstalled the old one back in. Would you believe the behaved for a whopping hour. At least these guys didn't charge me.

I then read online that the S4 tends to overheat and slowly melts some of the connections. Kind of a major flaw, don't you think?

The temporary fix? Twist the phone gently. Would you believe that this stupid idea, which I found in a search, actually sort of works? I guess it's the modern-day method of pounding the side and top of the TV.

It also turns out the Samsung S4 crashing the family router, which these days is more blessed than the menorah. Apparently, this is a KNOWN problem with Linksys routers, and maybe a few others. I guess my Netgear is one of those "others." On a lark, I turned off the auto cell-to-wifi-to-cell-to-wifi setting and the crashing stopped. Great, but now I lost key functionality in a house that barely gets any cell reception.

My wife's Note II: The same WEEK my phone started having problems, my wife's 18-month old phone reboots itself and erases everything. The TMobile guys, who must be wondering what wall we throw our phones at, said the phone was rooted. Yes, I had to look that up, but for all you I-told-you-so Luddites out there: It means the phone was f@#$ed!! in a very unusual way.

No one, not even my geeky tech friends, can figure out how this happened to my wife's Note; it takes same said computer geniuses several HOURS to do this manually. And it couldn't be my handsome, genius son, who tends play games on the phone when wife is not looking, because he just isn't THAT SMART. At least not yet. I now, however, have a great plot for my next novel: Poor teacher contracts out as a spy for the North Korean military, steals his colleagues' phones and spends hours rooting phones for ca$h. Seems about as plausible as my wife rooting the phone herself.

The 7-inch Samsung tablet for Lael: Died at 6 months while still on warranty. They fixed it for free, and it still seems to be working, but we're all nervous BECAUSE of this long story about my son's tablet:

The 7-inch Samsung tablet for Seth: Same freaking tablet — bought on the same day as the one above — dies a few weeks after we get Lael's back. Same exact problem. Samsung CHARGES ME for the same fix and refuses my appeal even though they KNOW they were contradicting their earlier decision.

Samsung blames the kids for trying to shove the wrong cable into the USB port. The only problem with that? The kids only have access to the original Samsung cables and chargers and had been warned by me so many times that I would not replace their tablets that they treated both of them better than a blind Manga kitten. (You have to live in my house to understand that one.) Still, what's a good dad do for a son who gets nine-tenths of his daily sunlight requirements from the blue glow of a tablet? I pay to fix it.

But TODAY that same tablet just developed the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. I guess it doesn't matter that the warranty is expired since they weren't honoring the original one anyway. Since it came back, this tablet has never left the interior of our house except maybe for short drives in my car, which is cleaner than any square centimeter in our house. There is simply no way that Seth abused this tablet.

So now there is one Samsung product left in the house that hasn't had problems, and that's my wife's 12-inch computer replacement tablet. Then again, she's only had it for about 6 months, so the problems should start in just a minutes. Yea.


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