Columnist Doesn’t Get Anger
Directed at the Super Rich

This post is a letter I’m sending to New York Times columnist Paul Sullivan after he wrote two Wealth Matters columns discussing the horrors of suddenly being worth $350 million Continue Reading →

Let’s Turn the Focus
Back on Education

While most of America has been fixated on the health care debate, I’m far more concerned about what is happening to education. Fortunately, my school district escaped a big layoff Continue Reading →

It’s Time We Listen to Those
Wanting to Shrink Government

With thousands of Americans protesting big government, I think it’s time we listen. We’ll start by dumping discussion of a public health care option. After all, it’s clear that Americans Continue Reading →

Winning Is Not Everything

When Seth plays a sport he’s never tried before, the boy quickly breaks down into “I’m a loser, everyone is better” mode. Do I handle these situations correctly? Sort of. Continue Reading →

What Happened to Last
Known Jaguar in U.S.?

 Most people would be pretty freaked out to see a 150+ pound jaguar roaming their back yard. Reports of mountain lions where I hike make me nervous enough. But the Continue Reading →