Food Recalls
Something Stinks in Recall
of Four Kellogg’s Cereal

I always knew that eating too much junk food – or cereal for that matter – could make you sick to your stomach. But how about getting sick before eating Continue Reading →

FDA Needs to Get a Grip
on Food Issues, Report Finds

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s abilities to discover potential threats to food safety and prevent outbreaks of foodborne illness are hampered by impediments to efficient use of its limited Continue Reading →

Children’s Tylenol Recall, Herbal
Supplements, Choking and More

The last week of school crushed all life out of me. Here’s a round up of some news you may have missed: This Recall of Kids Drugs Keeps Getting Stranger Continue Reading →

Maybe the Bad News
Will Slow Down Soon

The good news for parents keeps on coming. Here is another round up: Wal-Mart Pulls Cadmium-Laced Jewelry The world’s largest retailer responded to an Associated Press report by pulling its Continue Reading →

Consumers Union Is Building
National School Safety Coalition

Who is responsible for keeping children safe? In America, we usually put that responsibility in the hands of parents. In fact, the difficulty of protecting our kids is ridiculously complex. Continue Reading →

Drug Recalls
Children’s Tylenol, Benadryl
May Contain Improper Dosage

On Saturday morning, I took the kids to the farmer’s market and then Whole Foods. While at the store, Seth starting sneezing uncontrollably, presumably a reaction to some strong smelling Continue Reading →

FDA Labeling Plan Will Fail
Unless It Is Mandatory

When it comes to deceptive marketing, you have to give the food industry credit for sheer balls. Did manufacturers really think they could create a labeling system that considered Cocoa Continue Reading →