Arizona Immigration Law
Will Punish Kids the Most

Regardless where you stand on Arizona’s illegal immigrant bill, which puts pressure on police to identify and arrest suspected aliens, this state’s children will be the biggest losers when the Continue Reading →

Consumers Union Is Building
National School Safety Coalition

Who is responsible for keeping children safe? In America, we usually put that responsibility in the hands of parents. In fact, the difficulty of protecting our kids is ridiculously complex. Continue Reading →

The Ugly Truth About School Lunches

This year, I decided to make all my kids’ lunches for school. After being appalled by the choices offered to Seth last year, I decided it was better to give Continue Reading →

A Look at the Numbers Reveals
Why CA Students Are Upset

I’ve been trying to wrap my mind around the 32-percent increase in student fees for California’s public college students, as mentioned in the Los Angeles Times. When I was at Continue Reading →